Together with the steam and heat sweating in the sauna, it allows the toxins in the body to be ejected from the pores. This cleanses the skin and gives it an incredible shine. Sauna is included in many weight loss programs. Sauna relaxes a person, renews his mind and body. It is known that the heat in the sauna relaxes the aching muscles. You can sleep more comfortably after the sauna and feel fresh and energetic the next day. The sauna removes toxins from the body. It speeds up the blood circulation and thus increases the flow of oxygen to various organs of the body. This greatly improves a person’s breathing quality. It is known to reduce anxiety and stress, which is the main cause of many diseases. It increases body resistance against cold and flu diseases. Since your body will lose water in sauna practice, it is recommended to consume plenty of water. But it can be harmful to people with a heart disease or an inflammatory condition. If you have a known heart condition, the sauna can harm your heart health. We recommend our guests with heart disease to enter the sauna in consultation with their doctor. You can use the sauna specially given to the room in a hygienic way and enjoy it comfortably.

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