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Eman Thermal Hotel is 60 km from Balıkesir city center and 7 km from Sındırgı district center. Our hotel, consisting of rooms with a single storey garden exit located on 12 decares of forested land, consists of 6 blocks and 28 rooms.


In our resort, we offer our guests 2 different room types. These; 1 + 1 suite rooms where a family with two children can comfortably accommodate, also double rooms with double beds and twin beds are standard rooms.


The hotel, built in the form of a boutique resort, has a magnificent nature. All areas are planned to facilitate your meeting with nature, and you will be able to enjoy the serenity and tranquility on the walking path around the naturally flowing water flowing in the form of a thermally river. In addition, there are fish called “Healer Fish” living in the natural environment in this region. These fish come to diseased areas of the skin and perform natural cleaning.


Thermal water used in the hotel is in the group of natural mineral acratothermal waters and has an outlet temperature of 33 degrees from its source. The same thermal water is supplied in the rooms heated to 50 – 55 degrees for showers. The thermal water coming to the pools comes from a separate source outside the resort. The characteristic of this water is the same as the thermal water coming from the source within the resort, and the thermal water from the source of 33 degrees is 28-30 degrees in the pools. Since there are no minerals that will force your breath in, you can swim very easily in indoor pools. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of the high content of selenium and zinc, it helps in the treatment of various skin diseases. It is good for ichthyosis disease (fish scale disease), skin sores, burns, eczema, fungus, acne, acne, allergy and osteoporosis, especially psoriasis.


There are 3 pools in the resort, all of which are filled with thermal water, one for shared use and the other two for men and women separately. There are two children’s pools in the indoor pools, and there are also shower, toilet and changing cabins in the pools.


After the pool, you can sweat in sauna and you can enjoy a Turkish Hammam with thermal water. Turkish Hammam and sauna are free for our accommodating hotel guests.


All rooms of Eman Termal Hotel are equipped with telephone, satellite channel television, air conditioning and minibar, and are heated by underfloor heating system in winter. Free toiletries, disposable slippers and a hairdryer are available in the room bathrooms.


In the forested valley where there is a thermal spring,there are 4 daily family baths and they are open to you and your family during the day. Daily baths are free for hotel customers. The Cafe (in season) and the masjid are in the service of our guests in the forest by the thermal river. There is also a mini market in the resort where you can buy your various needs and buy gifts for your loved ones.


The restaurant serves not only hotel customers but also other guests with its open buffet – alacarte and cafe-bistro concepts. You can taste meat and local dishes and cheer your palate with the special desserts of our kitchen chef. On the weekends, you can also benefit from our gözleme (like pancake) service (in season) made with hand-made dough, accompanied by magnificent nature, and the different foods you choose from our menu, and the non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks service.


According to the demands of the guests, (if sufficient participation is reached) a horse riding program can be organized. For reservations and information, please contact the hotel reception. There are hiking trails within the resort.


In addition, special events such as live music, dinner organizations, birthdays, special day celebrations, parties, weddings, henna, engagements are held in various organizations.

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